H&W provide a comprehensive, bespoke range of valeting services across many multi-franchise dealerships, auction houses, commercial fleets, car importers and commercial companies covering a large geographical area. We have a wealth of experience in the commercial vehicle and car valeting industry and use the best industry known products.

Our services include commercial vehicle and car valeting, specialist cleaning and other bespoke solutions tailored to your specification. We have specialist dedicated, reliable teams who provide new and used vehicle service valets, new and used vehicle preparation and other bespoke solutions tailored to our client’s specification.

Our valeting services include:

  • New and used vehicle valet to a showroom finish
  • New and used vehicle preparation
  • Service cleaning
  • Sustainable products used with no cacogenics
  • New and used motorcycle cleans
  • Provide onsite supervisors if required or requested.
  • Provide access to our own Valeting Management System, if required.
  • Showroom cleaning
  • Scratch removal and body mopping
  • Superguard (Lifeshine)



a multi-franchise dealer group with the majority of dealerships based in Swindon. H&W provide a contracted valeting service to FISH BROTHERS Peugeot and Kia.


representing some of the industry’s biggest names including BMW, MINI, FERRARI, MASERATI, PORSCHE and ASTON MARTIN. H&W provide a contracted valeting service to Dick Lovett BMW, Ferrari, MINI and Porsche.