Our Customer Care Policy will ensure total customer satisfaction in all it undertakes. All members of staff continuing to deliver the highest levels of quality work. Operating best working practices in accordance with service delivery and Governmental and Environmental Legislation/Regulations.   Exceeding expectations by resourcing ways to add value to our work.


We are dedicated to providing a service to customers which ensures they are provided with the best possible services and products, whilst endeavouring to avoid harm to the environment, employees, visitors and all others who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities. Our policy means that members of staff are aware of their responsibilities and the proper procedures in waste removal.


We support investment in local economies by using local suppliers for cleaning products to minimise the mileage and lowering emissions. We want to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, helping to improve their social and economic development, therefore we try to employ local staff; our area supervisor and mobiles are local to their sites, therefore supporting the local economy by also reducing driving/ emissions.

We have a number of programmes focusing on key issues in the markets that we operate in and actively support national issues like youth unemployment, as well as backing local social enterprise initiatives with practical help. Where we can, we work collaboratively on these initiatives with local businesses, our suppliers and our clients.


H&W recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibility and to comply with all legal requirements relating to daily cleaning, grounds maintenance, hygiene solutions, and all other support services.

We use environmentally friendly products and energy-efficient equipment, however; we continually look for new products and/ or equipment in order to improve our carbon footprint.


We recognise our responsibilities under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure health, safety and welfare of its employees. Our ContractorPlus accredition ensures us of the health and safety requirements required under current legislation.


Our customers’ peace of mind is incredibly important to us, our Security Policy ensures all staff are of the highest calibre and are vetted via DBS checks, especially in areas of high security such as schools.  We work in conjunction with the Home Office, ensuring all staff are legally entitled to work within the United Kingdom.


We are committed to focusing our employment procedures and practices to maximise the potential of each unique individual. We believe this is best achieved by developing employees’ talents, whilst recognising their differences, treating people fairly and equally and by accepting and embracing their diversity.

Heath and Wiltshire’s recruitment and selection procedure is based on the necessary job requirements and the individual’s suitability.    Selection methods, including interviews, are conducted in accordance with documented and standardised procedures and checklists, designed to ensure that discrimination forms no part of the recruitment process.

The objective is to make each appointment on the grounds of selecting the most suitable candidate for the post.


We are committed to ensuring its business is conducted according to ethical, professional and legal standards in a fair, honest and open manner.

The Company expects all persons acting on its behalf to uphold this commitment. Our Anti-Bribery Policy ensures that this is reflected in every aspect of business that we undertake, so that we bring integrity to all our dealings. We will implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.